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PRISMA-MDE - Distributed and Scalable Environment for Multiple Views of Data Coordinates.

Abstract: Multi-display environment (MDE) has evolved in recent years. However, the adjustment of common visualization system to MDEs poses several challenges. This paper describes an information visualization (IV) tool for a distributed and scalable environment with coordinated multiple views of data, which simulates an extended desktop across multi-display. This work is limited to the use of three monitors. This document presents satisfactory results of preliminary tests of usability. Performance tests showed an IV pipeline is more optimized than the common visualization tool.

Keywords: Information Visualization, MDE, Visualization Tool, Distributed Computing.

Author (s): Franco, R. Y. S., Teixeira, R. B., Guimarães, R. V., Carneiro, N. J. S., Meiguins, A. S., Meiguins, B. S.
Roberto Franco,
24 de jul. de 2012 04:43