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NEVA: Application to increase performance of web sites using steganography algorithm

AbstractNowadays, quality can no longer be considered a competitive advantage but a requirement. The same applies to the internet scenario, therefore we cannot fail to consider one important aspect: speed. The loading time of a web site is the object of study and constant testing to get the best possible performance. This article describes the development of the NEVA software, which aim to improve the performance of web sites. To do that, NEVA makes use of the steganography algorithm, which helps to reduce the number of files to be sent to a client machine. The functioning of NEVA, more detailed explanations on the prototype and some theoretical concepts will be presented.

Keywords: neva, steganography, web sites performance.

Author (s): Márcio Pantoja Lobato; Pedro Victor Pontes Pinheiro; Roberto Yuri da Silva Franco
Roberto Franco,
23 de ago. de 2011 07:21